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Mike Pauers



One of the founding members, Mike has shared his talent in more than ninety performances with the group. The wonderful sax section sound is anchored by Pauers' big baritone horn. As one of the featured soloists, Pauers recently let loose with an extended flute solo. His recent turn at leading the band was also smooth sailing.


Mike played tenor sax in the 5th grade in Wauwatosa, baritone sax came in the 7th grade jazz ensemble. His music studies included, sax and clarinet with Milwaukee legend Joe Aaron, flute with Cory Klunk, jazz theory/composition with Steve Nelson-Raney and lessons with Denis DiBlasio with the Maynard Ferguson Orchestra. Several years in the UWM Jazz Ensemble have honed his fine sense of rhythm.


Players who have influenced him include: Denis DiBlasio, Ronnie Cuber, Nick Brignola, Scott Robinson, Walt Weiskopf, Chris Potter, Charles Lloyd, John Coltrane, Herbie Mann, Hubert Laws, Anders Bostrom and Lew Tabackin.


Pauers performs with two other groups in town, Jamie Breiwick's Afro Drum Ensemble and Clamnation. His favorite musical experience was having Joe Aaron record a tune Mike wrote for Clamnation's last CD..


Mike Pauers is a Ph.D. professor at UWM during the day, surrounded by his beloved cichlid fish. In addition to studying fish behavior, he is a teaching assistant in the biology department and occasionally lectures during the summer.


CDs he is currently listening to are: Ronnie Cuber - Airplay, Chris Potter - Gratitude & Vertigo, Dave Holland Quintet - Prime Directive & Not For Nuttin', Walt Weiskopf Nonet - Song For My Mother.


Mike looks forward to the band playing more Latin numbers with the All-Star SUPERband.


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