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Albert Abena


Originally from San Francisco, Albert started playing the black tube of death (aka the clarinet) in 5th grade. A precocious child in middle school, he pretty much took home a different instrument every weekend (it's not easy walking home with a sousaphone!).


Albert found his first musical love in high school - who would have thought it would be the bassoon? Oddly enough, Albert did not get a lot of gigs on that twisted double-reed, so he started playing sax with high school and college buddies in the Rich Martini Big Band. He fondly remembers being a "hand model" for the band's stint on the Red and White Fleet's weekend cruises of the San Francisco waterfront.


Albert took a hiatus from music before moving to Cedarburg in 1994, but his muse inspired him to again pick up the black tube of death, working with local bassist Frank Tarantino and guitarist Gary Williams at the Java House. He played clarinet and percussion with the Cedarburg Civic Band and Lakeshore Symphonic Band for several years.


Albert started playing with Gary Christensen and the SUPERband in 2001, subbing as needed on alto and tenor sax. In addition to occasional gigs with the SUPERband, Albert currently plays bassoon with the Knightwind Ensemble and the Waukesha Area Symphonic Band, and dabbles in French horn with various groups. He has been a dentist since 1986, and teaches at the Marquette University School of Dentistry and MATC. While not officially diagnosed with ADHD, Albert is pursued a law degree at Marquette University Law School, and graduated in May 2008.




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Albert Albena